DJEN Music

Professionally produced music you can purchase and release under your own name, alias or virtual artist.

Djenerate holders have the opportunity to purchase 'ghost tracks' which are free to use as you please. Simply connect your wallet to verify ownership and listen to the tracks. Once a song is purchased, the file will be made available for download including a contract which outlines the terms of the sale (all commercial rights will be transferred to the new owner) and a DAW project file. 

Our record label Satoshi Records will also be made available to Djenerates holders to release music to distribution and streaming platforms like Beatport, Spotify & Apple Music.

The Djenerates Community will have the ability to contribute music and vote for tracks to be put up for sale in our music store. All revenue generated will be transferred to the producer or LAZR DAO (if created by us) which will allow the community to vote again on how those funds will be used - whether it is events, grants or another potential drop, we want the community to be involved as much as possible.

JENR8 is our NFT Marketplace launching early October which allows users to create music NFTs and sell them to collectors. Ghost tracks can also be uploaded to the platform.